Saturday, October 27, 2007

The freaks come out at night

Last night was Annie and Nat's Halloween party. Brian and I went as a mummy and Claudiapatra (or Nefer Titty - your choice). If you want a quick costume idea, DON'T go as a mummy. Oh, and buy a lot of safety pins.

Brian heeded neither of these wise warnings. He bought bedsheets at the thrift store, dragged them through the dirt lot by our house, then cut them into strips. Brian insisted that tucking alone would hold the garment securely in place. Three hours later, my mom and I finally finished wrapping Brian. He couldn't hear anything, could barely move, could not use the bathroom, and had to sit down all night because he kept coming unravelled. I think he would have had a better time had he gone as something else. Oh well... Total cost for a mummy costume: $11. Cleaning the dirt off of our couches, floor, tables, etc. the next morning: priceless. Here are more pictures of the party.


yournamehere said...

Great pictures.

Cladeedah said...

You know you inspired the jig bitties caption. :-)

Randi said...

I am really bummed, I didn't get the evite until wednesday. I need to tell them to update my email address with the one I actually check. We had a great costume picked out too.

we were going to be britney and kfed....when she was prego and cute and when he was trashy....or rather he is still trashy but year :)