Monday, February 27, 2006

Lazy Sunday at the Music Store

Yesterday I was thrilled to learn that Las Vegas actually has a pretty decent music store. Here I thought they'd all gone out of business. The store (Zia Records) inspired me to buy a bunch of angsty albums I used to listen to in high school. Here's what I got (& what I'm listening to now):

PJ Harvey - Dry
PJ Harvey - Rid of Me
Alanis Morrisette - Jagged Little Pill
Alanis Morrisette - Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie
Sinead O'Connor - Universal Mother

So if I seem a little angrier than usual this week, this is why. :-)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Myspace Movie

Some parts of this were really funny (i.e., "do you want to see the angry beaver??"). It's pretty long, but you can watch one chapter at a time if you're short on time.. Anyway, here it is, the My Space Movie, courtesy of BJ.

Was that messed up?

Just now at Taco Bell, while I was sitting there enjoying my #4 Mexican Pizza combo, this crackhead lady with no teeth that was talking to herself in the restaurant walked up and asked me for a piece of my pizza. I refused to give it to her. Was that messed up??

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

More fun w/ Japanese

So, for once, I wasn't the only person getting laughed at in Japanese class tonight.

The teacher was asking us to say "Please give me ____" in Japanese. She asked us to pretend we were in Starbucks, so we could fill in the blank with our favorite overpriced, oversugared coffee drink. Brian apparently didn't hear her, so when it was his turn, he said (in Japanese), "Please give me your watch." The whole class laughed. I almost got up and yelled at them for being cruel to my poor, deaf husband, but I held back. They had no way of knowing, I guess....

Later, the teacher asked David to say, "Please give me an apple too." Instead, David said (in Japanese), "Please give me more of myself." The whole class laughed and laughed. Even our sweet, demure teacher had to turn away and chuckle.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Oh no they di'int!

Figures they would wait for us to move before they built an Ikea in Sacramento... bastards. They're probably waiting for us to move out of Nevada so they can build one here next.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Best Friend of the Weekend

I can't get enough of my new friend James.

Friday, he was in the neighborhood taking a big important test (that I'm sure he rocked), so we had a nice long lunch w/ some of my old pals. He gave me a really interesting CD that he'd searched for for over a week.

Later that afternoon, he came by my work for a quick tour of the court and the jail. We almost got locked in the jail b/c it was late in the day, there was a shift change, and the night people didn't know who I was. Talk about embarrassing.

Friday night, James came over to get help painting a trophy for one of his students. (Awwwe.. so nice.) In between doing that, we went out to eat and played Quip It w/ Brian and my nephew. Good times.

Saturday I went out and saw Capote (sans James). It wasn't as great as I hoped it'd be. It moved too slowly for my taste. Too much Oscar hype. Not enough James. (kidding) ;-) Final grade=B.

Saturday night was Brad's Loft Party. James came. :-) The best was when we all did stupid human tricks. Here are pics. The camera battery died before we did the bigtime tricks though. Bummer.

Sunday I saw the best movie ever - Eight Below (also sans James, BUT, the movie was good nonetheless :-P ). I know what you're thinking film snobs, but REALLY, this movie was excellent. I bawled my head off and I don't even like dogs! Final grade=A.

Sunday night, James came over to pick up his finished trophy. He spun my nephews until they almost threw up and then taught me how to play a fun song on the piano. My nephews and I were sad to see him leave.

Some people (like his ex-girlfriend) think it's weird that James and I have been spending so much time together. Brian doesn't really think it's weird, since he's used to my best-friend-of-the-week routine. I don't know if James thinks it's weird. I suppose I'll have to ask.

All I know is that the guy cracks me up and that I can't get enough of him. My hope is that this BFOTW turns out to be more like a Nick or a Greg, rather than a Sadie Jo or a Wally.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Lawyer Coloring Book

Courtesy of my good friend Nick (who is moving to my town to be with me very soon, right???), it's The Lawyer Coloring Book.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

VM letdown

Sorry kiddies.. the spoiler sites were wrong about the February airdate for the lesbian cheerleader episode of Veronica Mars. Here's the real story:

No New Mars Until March
"In order to avoid the competition of the Olympics and reunite Veronica with her Top Model lead-in, UPN has opted to delay the next few episodes of Veronica Mars until March. In the usual Veronica timeslot, the next few weeks will give us repeats:..."

Not funny...

The other night, I found myself reciting the story of "my favorite DV." (DV=domestic violence). Ok, I know DV isn't funny. It's very serious and sad and not fun. BUT, sometimes.. every once in a great while, the stories are so bizarre that you can't help but let out maybe a little teensy-weensy chuckle... as a defense mechanism only, of course... in order to cope... with how tragic the situations really are.

Today we had a DV case where an adult daughter got mad at her mom for staying out all night partying, so she pummeled her with potatoes. No one got hurt, mom admitted she was a jerk. All ended well.

I also had one today between two homeless, gay, interracial lovers. One guy got mad and set the other's tent on fire (with boyfriend in it!). It was actually a pretty bad case - the victim also got beaten with a chain and the firestarter got stabbed in self-defense. So yeah, bad.. but c'mon... there could be a potential Brokeback Mountain sequel in the works here... About a relationship that defies all of the odds... even arson.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Friends With Me

This is Red Flyer. He's my new friend from the Friends With You line of toys. His tag explains why he's special:

"Ever wonder what God looks like? Well this is him, and boy does he look different. At the subatomic level, he is literally the fabric of space as we understand it. He is what makes up the earth, the air, the water and, well, everything. Swipe your arms through the air and you are reconfiguring an unimaginable amount of Red Flyers. In his enlarged state, he offers invincibility and absolute power to his human companion."

I'll take this cute little guy over a new-best-friend-of-the-week anyday...


It never fails. Each time a new friendship develops quickly, it seems as though it's just a matter of time before it's over. Is it me or are the quick-to-be-clingy ones always just crazy?

Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy VD

Your Candy Heart Says "Hug Me"

A total sweetheart, you always have a lot of love to give out.

Your heart is open to where ever love takes you!

Your ideal Valentine's Day date: a surprise romantic evening that you've planned out

Your flirting style: lots of listening and talking

What turns you off: fighting and conflict

Why you're hot: you're fearless about falling in love

Sunday, February 12, 2006


So we saw Matchpoint this weekend, and I really enjoyed it. I was surprised to see that the film only got one Oscar nomination (best original screenplay). It was a really clever flick though! Very engaging. Very entertaining. And I love ScarJo in general, but I ESPECIALLY loved her in this. Wet in a white shirt, making out in a field.. running around in her underwear... she was amazing.. :-) Her acting wasn't half bad either. Actually, thinking back, almost everyone in the movie was hot. Woody Alllen definitely knows how to put together a cast of hotties. The movie itself was this weird but cool combination of witty and funny and tense. It was really unique, which is like the #2 thing I look for in a movie (right behind entertaining). So yeah, definitely worth seeing in the theater. Final grade = A.

How to tell if you're an asshole...

If you go to your friends' wedding and do nothing but complain, criticize and exude anger and hostility, then you're probably an asshole. Next time do everyone a big favor and stay home.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Hell week continued

I am about 75% sure the judge reads my blog. (Hi judge!) So yeah, no more work talk on here.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Scarlett Johansson, Keira Knightley, and the luckiest man on earth...

The only thing that could have made this picture hotter is Rachel McAdams naked. Damn her for punking out!!

Monday, February 06, 2006

For realz?

Send a Fecalgram for Valentine's Day!

Lesbian Cheerleaders

Just found out that Kristen Cavalleri from Laguna Beach is going to be guest-starring as a lesbian cheerleader on my #2 favorite show Veronica Mars on Feb. 15. Oh no, too sexy!!

New pics

I posted pictures I should've posted a while ago on my mac gallery. Here are the many new and exciting links as well as a brief explanation:

Shannon & Simone's Birthday Dinner - Yes, we had to wait 2.5 hours to get a table at the Cheesecake Factory, but at least we got to see the boys cook up cola right there at the table!!

Poker Party at Brad's - Wait, what? You mean the whole world doesn't stop having fun just because I'm out of town? From what I hear, Vanessa kicked everyone's butts, but that's probably just cuz I wasn't there.

My Weekend in Sacramento - So yeah, I stayed w/ Megan F. in Sac, which was super-fun. We took a little road-trip to San Jose for a babyshower and to see her newborn nephew.. Then it was back to Sacramento for various stops down memory lane. ((sigh)) I miss Sacramento..

This last weekend - Erica came to town! - Friday we went to First Friday and had dinner at Tinoco's.. Saturday we had dinner at Bahama Breeze and then went to the Pinball Arcade/Museum (which rocks!). Then we went to see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at it's new venue, which was fine and dandy, I just didn't like the location for it. Then we had a kick-butt session of Korean Karaoke. Not pictured are Sunday's Superbowl Parties and Brad and V's and at James's.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Are YOU a donut?

I had my first funny Japanese snafu in class tonight. The teacher was asking us to read out loud from the book and to interpret what we'd just read from Japanese to English.

One sentence structure we've studied alot is: "__(noun)__ desuka." Which translates to: "Are you a __(noun)__?"

Up until my turn, everyone got to fill in the blank w/ words we'd already learned. So now it's my turn to read out loud, and my sentence is: "Donata desuka." The teacher says, 'Ah, we have a new vocabulary word, "donata." What does this mean?' I tried flipping to the index to find out, but couldn't find it fast enough... It was dead silence, except for maybe some crickets chirping. The sensei urged me again: "Can you guess what this means?" So I gave it a shot: "Are you... (pause) ...a donut?"

The whole class laughed. WHAT? A lot of Japanese words are just converted English words (like hoppi owa and Amerika)! Why can't donata be donut?? Who knows what "Are you a donut?" is really a euphemism for? Those freaks buy teenage girl undies out of vending machines, for goodness' sake. How am I supposed to know what kinda freaky, deviant, breakfast pastry lines they like to use on chicks?!

So anyway.. later on, I overheard this girl a few seats down from me getting all frustrated because all she could think of when she read "donata desuka" from then on was: "Are you a donut?"