Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I am the champion, my friends

How happy am I right now?? I had two trials today and got 6 months (the max) on each one! The icing on the cake is that for the last 3 hours I've been in trial against that whiny stumpy defense attorney that I always complain about. You know who I'm talking about... the corrupt one who likes to tattle to my boss and give the judge money.

ANYWAY, the trial was _great_. Not only did her client get 6 months in jail, but the defense's star witness got thrown in jail for 2 days for contempt of court for pitching a fit in the courtroom, AND the defense attorney got sweated for acting like a spoiled 5 year old after she lost. Today is a good day.. ((singing)) I didn't have to use my AK...

Inattentive Driving - the conclusion

So last week was really busy. Like I said before, I had a wacky trial where a drunken bachelor-party participant poked a totally nude stripper in the taco. He actually penetrated up to the first knuckle. She was really traumatized and quit stripping right after the incident. So anyway, we had the trial.. Surprisingly, the guy's "I was pointing the stripper out to my friends (cuz they wouldn't have known there was a stripper on stage otherwise) and she backed into my finger" defense didn't work. He was found guilty. I still considered it a loss though b/c the guy was only fined $1000 dollars. That's what we give for meth or for trespassing around here. I understand the guy wasn't exactly a rapist, but still.. I think a little jail would have instilled in him the seriousness of his mistake. Any thoughts?

Another big case I put on last week was the one I blogged about before - with the guy who was driving without a license, and was eating breakfast on the way to work and then slammed into a pedestrian. The crash severed both of the pedestrian's legs. We pled the case out for guilty pleas on full time and attention to driving and driving without a valid operator's license and then argued sentencing. The sentencing hearing was hard. The victim and his family all testified as to what they've had to go through since the victim lost his legs. Everyone, including the bailiffs, the judge, and me, was crying. This victim was actually awake and remembers picking up his severed leg at the scene.

In the end, the driver got 10 months (out of a possible 12). The judge gave him brownie points for not leaving the scene. I was not happy with the ruling at first because the victim's family didn't feel that they got justice. Now that I've had time to reflect though, I think it was a good ruling. I keep thinking back to two things: First, something the judge said... this family is never going to be happy. Nothing will make them feel better about what happened. That is true. They are understandably angry and are out for vengeance. Another thing is something someone told me they heard in a recent movie - that vengeance is a coward's way of mourning. I think that's what's going on here. As long as the family is focusing its energy on "getting the guy who did this," they're avoiding having to accept what's happened. Any thoughts on this one?

I have more trials today.. we'll see if they're as interesting as last week's.

Monday, June 27, 2005

Nerd test

Apparently I'm not really nerdy. That's okay w/ me.

I am nerdier than 23% of all people. Are you nerdier? Click here to find out!

Kitty voodoo

Do you ever notice that you sleep a lot later when your cat crawls into bed with you and casts its magical kitty spell on you? Just an observation..

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The rundown

So here's how this weekend went down...

Friday I watched Meet the Fockers. I don't know if I just can't enjoy movies at home anymore or what, but I thought it was only very mildly entertaining. I would give it a D+. It was hard to sit through the whole thing.

Saturday I went to see Batman Begins AGAIN with my nephew Tony. He went dressed as Batman. It was pretty freakin' cute. So cute I got him a Darth Vader costume too.

After that, I went to Greg and Nat and J's 25 de Junio party. Here's some pics of the debauchary. All in all it was a good time. I got to catch up w/ some people and meet some people.

Today I'm picking up Brian from the airport. I am ridiculously excited. That's all for now.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

I'm drunk.. and right now I'm so in love with you

Dude, how cool is drunk blogging? I'm at Greg's party. It's not that cool, but 2.5 mai tai's later, and it's cool... I just drunk dialed my drunk dialed pen pal and it rocked. He never ceases to entertain me. He was at a bar and there were out of control roller skaters and he was working the door, so he had to go.. ho;y crap, I hope there aren't typos... I'm trying real hard. Anyway.. I'm stoked that the webmaster of posted a comment. I'm last on the list in a google search, so maybe I'll be like 2nd class blogger or something.. holy crap.. I'm sure I'm rambling so I'll go.. Amyway.. damn that word is hard to spell.. annyway, bye! Thankjs for loving me, as drubk people say, I love you!!!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Tori tix Friday at 10am

Ok, Tori Amos tickets go on presale tomorrow at 10am. This is for the Sat. Sep 17th show in Los Angeles at the Greek Theater. Tix are $30-$50, but you know I'll be getting the $50 ones.. Anyway, let me know if you really want to go and I'll get you a ticket!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Reception Update

This wedding thing is rolling right along. It's been 1.5 years since we got engaged, and we've now FINALLY 1) booked the church, AND 2) booked the reception site!! Two tasks down, a thousand left to go! Woo hoo! Ok, c'mon, anyone who knows how bad of slackers we are has to throw us a bone on this one.

So yeah, the November 5, 2005 date is locked in. Nothing can stop this wedding now!! Well.. maybe I can think of one thing. Anyway.. Allison pointed out how cool the wedding date was when written numerically: 11/05/05. While ordinarily I hate odd numbers, these are okay because they come in pairs. Sweet...

So these were the two finalists for the reception sites:

1) The Hartland Mansion - An old mansion in downtown Las Vegas. Famous because "Elvis used to stay there." Charms include kitschy vintage decor and reception tables set up around an indoor pool. (According to the manager, only one person has fallen in in all the time they've had wedding receptions there.) It also has a really nice entry area that's perfect for a cocktail hour. Drawbacks include: the place having an "old house" smell; looking like a mausoleum from the outside; silk flowers and a limited menu prepared offsite and served on warming trays.

2) Maggiano's - A restaurant with banquet space, located at the front of the Fashion Show Mall on the Las Vegas Strip. Here is a virtual tour of the banquet room. Charms include: a view of the Strip; classic understated decor; an antique premium bar; and fresh flowers. Drawbacks include: it's actually a restaurant and the view of the strip is mostly of the old Frontier, which might be a construction site come November.

So like I said, we did the tasting and decided to go with ................. Maggiano's! The food absolutely rocked the house. It's got both quality and quantity. I'm super-excited. I just hope you all like it as much as we did. If not, there's always the 4-hour open bar!!!

Wins and Losses

Today's wins:
-Won 3 out of 3 trials today.
-It looks a lot cooler outside than usual.
-Found the video I have to return to Allison.
-All vital organs still functioning normally.

Today's losses:
-Fingering a stripper against her will is apparently only worth a $1000 fine and a stern "Don't do that again!" in my town.
-Haven't seen daylight since 7am.
-And worst of all... my beautiful lover Brian is gone until Sunday for a conference. :-( Boo hoo....

It's getting very difficult to stay positive today.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Shut down by Rita

So I went w/ Brian and Greg to a tasting at Maggiano's yesterday. (More on the tasting later. Just a little morsel of gossip for now while I have a moment before bed..)

So our waiter informs us that Rita Rudner is having lunch right next to us. So wanting to get a cool pic for my blog, I go over and tell her all apologetically that I'm sorry to interrupt her lunch, but I've really enjoyed seeing her, and I saw her w/ Dennis Miller at the MGM like 14 years ago, and could I just get a quick picture w/ her... and she's like, "Well, I'm kinda eating lunch right now, so no, but I will say hi - what's your name?" And I'm thinking... what the hell is that? But I just said thanks anyway and left.

Totally shut down by a C-list celebrity. The more I think about it the more it irritates me. Being a bit of a freak myself, I can understand not wanting to get harassed during lunch by a stranger. But, honestly, I'm not making any money on said strangers harassing me. If I were, I might be singing a different tune. It's not like she's top-notch Vegas entertainement either. I mean, every fan counts as far as her numbers are concerned. Anyway, Rita is now dead to me..

Monday, June 20, 2005

Feed Lindsay

Alright, this is old USWeekly news, but still worth commenting on. How fugly has Lindsay Lohan gotten? Seriously..

That's just gross. I read about a funny website about her. It's called They've got t-shirts and a petition that beg the girl to just have a ham sandwich. I thought it was funny..

Speaking of which, Brian's sister said her friend found Lindsay Lohan's wallet in a bar in NYC not too long ago. Apparently it had cocaine in it, which may be the secret of her weight loss success.

Oh yes it's ladies night..

So Friday night some of the boys decided to get together for what they like to call "a barbecue." Seeing the opportunity for a girlz nite out, Shannonita and Kat and I went to Chinatown for some good grub and some good gossip.

We ate at Ichiza, a Japanese restaurant Shannon had heard about from her students. The food was good. The beer was good. The gossip was good. The best part of the night though was when the super-fancy high-tech toilet in the bathroom shot toilet water at Shannon. Poor girl.

Afterwords, we went to a tea bar next door and tried not to choke on the tapioca soba or booba or boba or whatever they put in the drinks. It was tough, but we managed to make it out alive.

Anyway, the rest of my weekend was just relaxing (also read: boring). Saturday I fell asleep watching The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. Wish I could comment on how it was, but I fell asleep. The hour and a half I watched was pretty dumb though. Not Wes or Owen's best work by any means.

Sunday was Father's Day and I just hung out w/ Brian and his family. We went to Lucille's BBQ and grubbed on some yummy fatty food. That's it!!

Saturday, June 18, 2005

Funny ribbons

These are way cooler than those yellow war ribbons we've been seeing on the back of SUV's.

Today's wins and losses

So in my efforts to try and be more positive, I'm trying to keep track of not only my daily losses (which I can't help doing), but also my daily wins. Here's the day's wins and losses so far:

Today's Losses:

- Woke up to the smell of cat urine. Turns out Enid peed on the couch again.
- Ruined the last bowl of Lucky Charms by unwittingly pouring chunky sour milk on it.

Today's Wins:

- Got to sleep in for the first time in weeks.
- Had a pretty good bowl of Count Chocula instead.
- Discovered the greatest television show in summer hiatus history: Morgan Spurlock's 30 Days. A must-watch for liberals everywhere. I've got a copy of the first show saved on my Tivo if anyone is interested.

So far, so good..

Friday, June 17, 2005

Batman Rocks

So we went and saw Batman Begins last night. It was pretty frickin' good. It was much more dramatic and much less cheesy than the other Batman movies. It was dark, but not cartoony. I'd give it an A- and would recommend paying to see it in the theater. The minus is for Katie Holmes being badly cast as a doe-eyed DA and for Christian Bale's horribly awkward smile. Stick to looking like a psycho, Christian.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Luckiest

I think I may have picked a wedding song. Thanks to everyone who made suggestions. I might do an album as a favor and include the suggested songs. I'm not 100% that this is it, but I really like it. Unfortunately for me though, my friend Erica thinks this song sounds like Kip Dynamite's serenade song to LaFawnduh, Always and Forever, which plays at the end of the credits of Napolean Dynamite. So now I can't stop thinking of Kip Dynamite when I hear it. Curses!! Maybe I'll forget by November. Anyway, the song is The Luckiest by Ben Folds. C'mon, it doesn't sound like Kip, right??

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rock bottom

So my good friend Jeanny made me watch the first two episodes of what has got to be one of the most God-awful reality television shows in history: Dancing with the Stars. She boasted and beamed about how great it was, but, sadly, it failed to deliver. It was certainly no Top Model. It wasn't even a Temptation Island! Or a Big Brother! Not even a Celebrity Mole! It's shameful to even call this spectacle reality tv. There's nothing real about Evander Holyfield prancing around like a showboy! Seriously reality-tv-show-people, maintain some dignity!

Same goes for Hell's Kitchen, which follows former office assistants, headhunters, and housewives as they pursue their dreams of being berated on national television by a psychotic British dude. As the contestents like to remind us, this guy is way worse than Simon Cowell. Ooohh... I'm shaking in my boots.

The sad thing about all of this is that even though I recognize that these shows are crap, I'm still watching. They're all that I have left. I'm scraping the bottom of the summer hiatus barrel. I'm like a heroin addict rifling through sh*t in hopes of finding a small bit of heroin suppository. Pathetic. I just hope I'm still able to hold up my end of a human conversation in the morning. I'm thinking now would be a good time to take up some sort of hobby...

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Elbow room

Oh thank goodness I'm home!! Yay! I am so happy now, but was so perturbed an hour ago. Ok, quick plane story..

So, being freakishly tall and also being a fan of personal space, I've noticed that some people, particularly small people, don't value personal space as much as I do.

For example, I'll be standing in a grocery store aisle, when a smaller person, usually of a certain intentionally undisclosed ethnicity will come up right in front of me, brush their ass on my knee, nudging me aside and go up and grab the very thing I was looking at. Like, since they're not eye-level, they think I can't see them stepping to me or what?? It usually happens so fast that they're in and out before I can formulate an appropriate response. Anyway, it happens a lot and it irritates me.

So today on the plane, this crazy lady comes barreling in at the last second and plops down right next to me. Then she begins loudly talking on her cell phone.. The stewardess announces it's time to turn off all cell phones.. but the lady keeps yapping, unfazed. So they make the announcement *again* and the plane actually starts taking off.. and this lady is still yapping! And nobody's coming by and enforcing the "get the hell of your cellphone, asshole!" rule. So this lady could be compromising all of the plane's very *sensitive*, very *technical* equipment and putting everyone's lives in jeopardy, and no one is doing anything about it! I totally wanted to push the stewardess button and tattle, but alas.. I held back.

So then I'm just sitting there with my elbow on my armrest, where it's been for like the fifteen minutes before this jackass even got on the plane. And there's even room on the thing to share - like if she wants the front half, I could totally chill on the back half and we wouldn't even have to touch. BUT NO! This is not enough for her. She wants to nuzzle her knobby little elbow right up against mine. And then shuffle.. adjust.. rub.. shuffle.. adjust.. rub rub.. for a whole fucking hour!!

"DON'T FUCKING TOUCH ME!!" That's what I wanted to yell. But alas.. I held back.

Anyway, then I got to the baggage claim and a whole new little person nudged in front of me and waited for their luggage. I'm like, what do I look like? A wall? A pillar? HELLO PEOPLE! I'M A FUCKING HUMAN BEING AND I'M STANDING RIGHT HERE! AND I CAN SEE YOU! AND I CAN FEEL YOU! AND I'M A LOT BIGGER THAN YOU! AND, INSTINCTIVELY, YOU SHOULD BE AFRAID! BECAUSE I COULD VERY EASILY "ACCIDENTALLY" ELBOW YOU RIGHT IN YOUR STUPID, TINY LITTLE FACE!!

{{breathe}} ...demons out....

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Oh my goodness! Tori Amos has just announced the dates for her Summer of Sin Tour. I am so excited! Last time she was on tour I didn't go because I couldn't find anyone to go with. This time, maybe if I give enough advance notice someone will want to come? These are the potential dates:

9/08 Chateau San Michelle - Woodinville WA
9/09 Portland, OR
9/10 San Francisco, CA
9/13 Santa Barbara Bowl - Santa Barbara, CA
9/14 San Diego, CA
9/16 Dodge Theatre - Phoenix, AZ
9/17 The Greek Theatre - Los Angeles, CA

I'm thinking either the Saturday show in San Francisco or Los Angeles. Any takers? ....Anyone?


This site is hilarious. I might just have to pick Kat up one of these tees.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Freakin' finally part three

You were promised a weekend in three parts, so even though it's been like over a week, you're now getting last Sunday. Like it or not. Don't worry, it'll be short. :-) Here goes:

- Went to Cheesecake Factory w/ Brian's fam.
- Went to FAO Schwartz and saw some freaking awesome toys. Cuddled with a giraffe. Bought a little toy for my desk.
- Went to see The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants with Kat. Thought it was dumb. Don't bother. Lisa Schwarzbaum doesn't know what she's talking about. I give it a grade of C.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ridiculous part deux

I saw this sign on the inside of a bathroom stall door and it pissed me off. If not on the hook, where the heck am I supposed to put my purse?? On the nasty germy floor? I think not. Any ideas on what the hook is for if not for a purse? Sweater is the only thing I can think of..

What a ripper-offer

TIme for another list. They're just so easy... and I hate being called a hobo-blogger. Anyway, as seen on Randi and Kat's blogs, here's the latest list:

1 MINUTE AGO: I was reading other people's blogs
1 DAY AGO: I was having engagement photos taken
1 WEEK AGO: I was watching Cirque Du Soleil Ka at the MGM Grand.
1 YEAR AGO: I took an ambulance ride with my dad from Los Angeles to Las Vegas.
I HURT: Other people sometimes when I'm being mean.
I LOVE: Brian
I FEAR: Dogs
I HOPE: That nothing bad happens to my family.
I FEEL: Tired all the time.
I LISTEN: to my iPod on shuffle and am really impressed by the songs that come up.
I HIDE: my heart surgery scar with necklaces.
I PLAY: Tetris on my cell phone whenever I get the chance.
I MISS: my cats since I've been in Reno for almost a week now.
I LEARNED: that I need to be more politically savvy and less of a know it all.
I KNOW: my first name is Steven? I don't know..
I WAIT: for this wedding to be over so I can save for more important things.
I NEED: Constant love and affection.
I THINK: that Napolean Dynamite might be my favorite movie right now.
Current Clothes: Jeans, layered dusty pink and creme tank tops
Current Mood: Sleepy
Current Music: Ben Folds, "The Luckiest"
Current Taste: Sushi
Current Hair: Pinned up in front, air dried curly in the back. (Business in the front, party in the back!)
Current Annoyance: Bigots
Current Smell: Erica's dog
Current thing I should be Doing: Sleeping
Current Desktop Picture: I'm on Erica's computer, so her and her mom doing shots in Hawaii.
Current Favorite bands/singers: Always Tori Amos.. Also Violent Femmes right now and maybe Gwen Stefani.
Current Book: Tori Amos Piece by Piece By Tori Amos and Ann Powers
Current Movie In VCR: The L Word season 2 finale
Current Refreshment: Water
Current Worry: Having to go back to work
Current Crush: Brian cuz we rolled around in the grass together yesterday

Friday, June 10, 2005


It's a little untimely, but I thought it was funny nonetheless.. behold, the Star Wars work excuse form.

By the way..

I'm in Reno until next Tuesday, fyi.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

My weekend in three parts - Saturday

I'm such a slacker. So like I was saying.. Saturday afternoon I joined Brad and Vanessa at Chuck E. Cheese's for Donovan's first birthday party. It was fun except for the part when Baby Donovan fell off the booth head-first onto the floor and everyone gasped and he was sad and cried for like twenty minutes. But then I just cuddled him and he was all good.

So the whole day I had really bad anxiety. I was positive that I was going to die in a horrible car accident that very day. It didn't help that I kept getting lost and confused on the stupid 95/Rainbow construction. I finally just had a mini-breakdown at dinner and got it out of my system. Not sure what my problem was. It was just an emotional day, I guess.

So after that Brian, his mom, his sister and me went to see
Cirque Du Soleil: Ka at the MGM. It was truly one of the the most magnificent things I have ever seen.

Have you ever looked up at a giant sky-scraper and felt so dwarfed and amazed and impressed by the capabilities of mankind? That's how I felt when I watched this show. It was so grand and precise and amazing.

It's kind of sad to say, but it sorta restored my faith in humanity. You know how it just seems nowadays that everyone is so half-assed about everything? Sometimes I feel like humanity has stopped evolving. Like there's nothing left for humans to do except die out. That sounds horrible, I know, but it's how I feel sometimes when I get bad customer service or when I see people half-ass really important tasks. So this show, which was unlike anything else I'd ever seen, was just so creative and so technologically advanced and employed such skilled performers.. it just made me happy that humans could still whip up something so unique and progressive and beautiful.

I won't go into too much detail about the show, but I will say this. The story isn't what makes the show great. It's a very cliched tale - a journey, an epic. It uses very cliched themes: air, water, fire, land. What makes this show different though is the special effects. It was like watching the latest blockbuster special effects movie, but live and in a theater, which just made it all the more amazing. The stage had a lot to do with the awesome effects. It was the true star of the show. That's all I'll say. If you get the chance to see it, I would definitely go.

Monday, June 06, 2005

My weekend in three parts - Friday

Disclaimer: Hung out with bloggers this weekend, so much of this has already been blogged about elsewhere in blogland. I got the photos though, so it's worth going over one more time. :-)

Friday I went to First Friday with Brian, Shannon and Kat. The night was a little surreal.

Shannon and I played pole-dancers on the glow-in-the-dark float. Kat didn't quite get into the evening until she got a much anticipated phone call. Then we met a guy who insisted he was John Kay, the lead singer of Steppenwolf, but really he wasn't. Quick discussion question: Who would lie about something like that?? Ok, granted, I've signed autographs as Rebecca Lobo before, but that's just because I didn't want to break the little kid's hearts when they thought I was her! Moving on..

Later, I saw a 6'8" guy who I think I used to date. It bugged me all night trying to remember. I found out the next day from Greg that in fact we had gone out a few times. I had met him way back when at Cafe Copioh and stopped seeing him because he was weird. He ended up dating a girl who was 4'11" after me, which made me bitter. I love having friends that pay attention. Anywayz..

Then we went over to the Fireside Lounge at the pimp-ass Peppermill. We thought it was just a regular old lounge until we looked around and noticed that everyone around us was making out. Everyone!! That made Brian and me hot, so we made out too! ;-) Ok, not really, we were just making fun. So anyway, that was Friday..

100 things about me

Stolen from Kat, Shawna and Randi. Here goes...

1. My hair is naturally curly.
2. I'm 6'5".
3. I don't play basketball.
4. I was on my high school Varsity Volleyball team for like 5 seconds.
5. First and only time I was admitted to a hospital was for heart surgery.
6. I watched my godson's birth.
7. My favorite singer is Tori Amos.
8. If I had a favorite band, it would probably be the Violent Femmes.
9. I'm the baby of the family.
10. My great-grandpa, dad, brother and oldest nephew are all named Jesse.
11. I'm a serial monogamist.
12. I got RPC'd (required parent conference) in high school for drawing dead body outlines all over my school with chalk.
13. My favorite dead body outline was the man with his dog.
14. I was voted "most unique" in my high school yearbook.
15. I stalked a boy in junior high. It was bad. Real bad.
16. I'm afraid to fly.
17. I'm afraid to drive.
18. I'm nightblind.
19. About a quarter of my tongue has been permanently numb since I got my wisdsom teeth out.
20. I grind my teeth at night.
21. I always thought I'd be a writer.
22. My favorite number is 22.
23. I'm late for everything.
24. I hate being late.
25. I cry too much.
26. I'm trying not to be so negative.
27. I pray.
28. I dated a transvestite for two years.
29. I collect stuffed animal giraffes.
30. I collect Barbies.
31. I've seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show probably about 200 times.
32. I can listen to a song I really like over and over and over again without getting tired of hearing it.
33. I am a cat person.
34. I can take photos with an old school manual camera.
35. I've competed in a few airhockey tournaments.
36. My middle name is Elizabeth.
37. My brother died when he was 18, two weeks before my 16th birthday.
38. I don't look anything like my sister.
39. I'm half Spanish, half Mexican.
40. I learned to read when I was 4, in Spanish.
41. I got glasses in the third grade.
42. I got bad grades until I got glasses.
43. I got contacts in 9th grade.
44. I salivate more than most people.
45. I subscribe to Star, Us Weekly, Real Simple, Health, Wired, Mac Home Journal, Newseek, Modern Bride.. maybe more, I can't keep track.
46. I wasn't planning on becoming a lawyer when I went to law school.
47. I was born in East Los Angeles.
48. I think I'm going to die in a car accident.
49. I don't like my body.
50. I have a black cat named Moka and a white cat named Enid.
51. I try not to think or act like I'm better than anyone else.
52. I liked living alone.
53. I used to work as a tv news photographer.
54. I've never been in a "real" fight (except with my sister).
55. I aspire to be neat and organized.
56. I got a tshirt made that says "I'm a mess."
57. I love hematite.
58. My favorite color right now is orange.
59. Ordinarily it's red.
60. I can't go to bed before 11pm.
61. I sleep about 6 hours a night.
62. I've cheated on boyfriends.
63. I've been cheated on by boyfriends.
64. I drink too much Diet soda (Coke and Pepsi).
65. I love sushi.
66. My favorite pies are banana cream, coconut creme, and lemon meringue
67. My first concert was Gerardo, as in, Rico Suave.
68. I was president of the art club in high school.
69. I will never get a tattoo.
70. I never smoked pot until I went to Amsterdam.
71. I kissed a boy for the first time when I was 5.
72. I'm trying not to be as stubborn as I know I am.
73. I want to learn to play bass guitar.
74. I love movies and tv.
75. I love seafood.
76. I love the feeling of water evaporating from my skin in the warm summer sun.
77. I cried when I read a Tale of Two Cities.
78. I believe that Ouija boards are for real.
79. I have a scar between my eyes that I lie and say is from an airhockey puck.
80. My favorite part of my body is my nose.
81. I have my dad's nose and fingernails.
82. I've been in two car accidents.
83. One was my fault, one was not.
84. I like roadtrips.
85. I've been to these countries outside the U.S.: Mexico, Canada, England, France, and the Netherlands.
86. I've had crushes on girls, but I'm not gay.
87. I treasure loyalty in my friends and family.
88. I'm Catholic.
89. I don't follow all of the teachings of the Catholic church.
90. I love opals.
91. I've been afraid of dogs since the 5th grade.
92. Love love love cilantro.
93. My Cabbage Patch Doll's name was "Gigi."
94. Tori Amos was the first celebrity I ever met.
95. I met Tori Amos twice.
96. No matter how bad it gets, I'm always thankful for what I have.
97. All three of the cars I've owned have been hand-me-downs.
98. I love makeup, jewelry and underwear shopping.
99. I hate clothes and shoe shopping.
100. I think my fiance is way too good for me.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I believe in peace, bitch

Taken from randi's blog, I fiddled with my honest answers a bit a lo and behold:

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Thursday, June 02, 2005

My baby teefs

I certainly f-ed up the margins on that one, didn't I? Guess that's what happens when you're in a rush to post and don't modify your picture sizes. [[shrug]] oh well, I'll go back and fix it later. Sooo..... onto a story.

My dentist is a super nice guy, but he f-ed up my crown, so he offered to fix it for free, but I ended up having to go back in 3 times in a row and put up with excruciating novacaine shots and sanding and drilling and what-not. So now we're done with that tooth, and even-steven.

So today I went back for a new tooth - to a different doctor in the same office. They said they wanted $200 for a consultation on the implant for that tooth but assured me it'd go toward the total cost if I chose to have the implant done. So at first, I'm overcome by politeness and agree to pay the $200, but then I got really scared as I'm in the chair. Like, what if this new guy is just as bad as the last guy? Am I going to feel like a big dumbass for going back? Is this guy so bad that he has to lock in $200 in advance? Am I going to meet him and hate him? What am I locking myself into here?

So I took off my napkin and walked out. I felt like a huge jackass, but really, I just knew I'd kick myself later if I didn't look around first and make sure I wasn't getting screwed. So yeah, that's growing up, I guess. Throwing politeness and your paper bib out the window and refusing to accept the crap that's flung atcha.

Back in the saddle

Dude, seriously, I need to learn to save my blog posts before I preview. AGAIN, I deleted this beautifully long post I just made! Bottom line is this: I'm back!! We had an awesome time in Boston / Framingham / Providence / Cape Cod / Worcester (well, maybe not Worcester - awe, just teasing Andrea!). Here is me with my lobster at the Boston airport:

And here are the hottest "confused" bitchez I've ever met:

And the hottest college bitchez a girl could ever have:

I'll spare ya'll the details. Just know it was a good time. If you're really achin' to see more, I have like 5 pages worth of pics, so just click here, here, here, here, and here. The pics will be way cooler once I get around to putting in captions. They'll explain everything..