Tuesday, February 10, 2009

There Goes the Neighborhood

I took both cats to the vet Friday. Enid is super heavy, so I had my hands full loading her into the car. I asked Jesse to bring the plastic jug with Moka's used insulin syringes in it so we could dispose of them as biohazard waste at the vet's office.

So we're on the way to the vet, and I don't see the jug anywhere in the car. I ask Jesse if he remembered to grab it and he swears he did. But it's clearly not in the car. So I figure he went in to get his iPod and forgot to grab it or something.

So we get home later, and the syringe jug is no where to be found. So it's not in the house, and not in the car.

Brian took a walk down the street and found out what had happened. Apparently Jesse had put it on top of the car and forgotten about it. Dozens of syringes were scattered all over our street. The jug was there too, but it was pretty much empty.

I just thought it was funny to imagine what our neighbors were thinking when they saw dozens of used syringes in the street.


jesse said...

thought we were never to speak of this. I hear the FBI is seaching for individuals who leave toxic waste on streets. I wouldn't have blogged about it...

yasmien said...

Oh geeze, that's too funny.