Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Get out of my dreams, Paris Hilton!

I've been having a lot of dreams about Paris Hilton lately. The other night, I dreamt that I was at a party, and I didn't really know anyone there, but then I saw Paris and I was kind of relieved, but still too shy to approach her. So then she saw me and was all intrigued by my height, so she came over and said hello. She was surprisingly tall with heels on - almost as tall as me without heels on. I was like, "Hey, why are you trying to be taller than me?" And she was like, "Because it's cool." She tried to stand on her tippy-toes to try and be taller than me, but it didn't work. Came close though. So then I wanted to ask her for a picture with her, but I thought it would kill our rapport if I asked, so I didn't. Later, someone else wanted a picture of us together, so I got one taken anyway. We were all girly and hugging on each other. Paris was my new tall, pretty, best-friend-of-the-week. I woke up feeling that way too.

The next night, I had another Paris dream. I dreamt I was at work in court and she got brought in to have her DUI trial. It was a big surprise to everyone, kinda like the whole her getting-out-of-jail-and-then-back-in thing. So anyway, I said hi when I saw her in my court. We chatted (since I knew her from the party the night before). Then I looked at my papers and realized that I was prosecuting her DUI trial. I told her I was preemptively sorry for being the one to put her in jail if she lost. She said it was okay, and kind of laughed it off. Like if she had to have someone prosecute her, it might as well be me. I woke up before the trial went forward, so I'm not sure how it ended.

Still... why so many dreams about Paris? Am I reading too much US Weekly? Feeling subconscious regret for wanting to see her ass locked back up? Do I want friends who are taller and blonder? What could it be?


Shannon said...

I read on E! online that she's writing her fans from jail. Maybe you should send her a letter explaining your guilt?

Shannon said...

It's been a couple days, but I'm surprised no one was commented with "Get into my car."