Sunday, July 01, 2007

It'll hurt if I swallow!

It was an all-around day of learning yesterday. We started the day by going to our CERT class and learning some first aid. That was pretty fun. Here are some photos, courtesy of Shannon.

Here's Brian lamenting my death.

Here's me being positioned so I don't swallow my tongue or choke on my own vomit.

Here's me bandaging up Brian's wound.

And here's me stopping Brian's bleeding by elevating his wound and pushing on his brachial artery.

Later, we went to see Sicko, the new Michael Moore movie. I didn't need to see this movie to know that healthcare in this country sucks. I have my own healthcare system horror stories. The movie was still fun though. We're discussing our relocation to France now. Of course, with all this new CERT training, maybe we'll just be able to take care of ourselves. (Yeah right.)


Bradley said...

I spoke with Vanessa's Mom (a french citizen) and she would not want to move back to france at all. She doesn't think its as good as it is here due to like 40% tax rates. She also stays in contact with a couple of her relatives that live in france.

so from a 1st person perspective who has lived in both countries they prefer the US system.

ANyone else finding people who have experienced both health care systems?

Cladeedah said...

Isn't she a hypochondriac? Maybe the centralized system there caught on and made it tougher for her or something. Here, you can go to like 50 different doctors without anyone catching on.

Bradley said...

I don't know but would think that a hypochondriac would prefer the gov supplied system.

After thinking on it more I am a little more happy with our system now. Although I still passionately hate the insurance companies. They cripple our health care.

Shannon said...

I've actually met two French people who felt the same way as V's mom. They felt that the tax rate, along with the high unemployment, outweighed the social benefits of living in France. I'm waiting for my French co-worker to come back from Vacation (only 1 week) to discuss the movie with him.

Jennifer said...

Brian's hair is getting long!