Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fight the Power

I love it when people tell me what the law is. The other day, this idiot working at Dillard's told me I couldn't take more than 4 items into the dressing room at once. She said it was against the law to do so. I asked her, "What law?" She couldn't answer. I asked her, "What chapter of the NRS pertains to fitting rooms?" She couldn't answer. I asked her if she meant to say it violated "Dillard's law." She said yes. I then explained to her the difference between state law and store policy. And I took 8 items into the dressing room. Oh, and I didn't get arrested.


Chrissy and Jack said...

Oh my Gosh! Can I live with you and take you everywhere I go? You are the awesomest!

Bethany said...

I've played that card before. It's fun. I highly recommend it.