Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I pity the fool

Sorry it's been so long, my sweets. Lots of activity lately. All stressful. I got some kind of weird phone threat about a week and a half ago. It was an older-sounding male. He called at 1:15 in the morning on my house phone. His message said, "If you're a police officer, somebody's coming to get your ass, bitch."

At first, I thought it was the wrong number, since I am neither a police officer nor a bitch. But then I realized it could be a confused drug dealer. You see, even though I'm on the civil side of things now at my job, I still do the drug money forfeiture cases for the police.

This is how is goes down... The SWAT team goes in, takes drug money, and the next thing the drug dealers know, I'm serving them with legal paperwork to keep their money. Paperwork with my name all over it. A quick little search on zabasearch.com, and voila, there's my old phone number and address. It's supposed to be unlisted now, but because it was formerly my phone number at a previous address, it still comes up when you search my name.

So long story even longer, we sent my nephew off to his mom's house for the weekend, stayed the night with friends the next 2 nights, and I filed a police report. I also mentioned it to the narcotics officers I do work for and to our SWAT officers. They were super pissed about it and decided to do their own investigations. No word yet on who it was, but if the number is traceable, I pity the fool is all I gotta say.

I also told my boss, who made some calls and had police driving by and flying by my house all weekend. The police helicopter came around for over a week. While that was really thoughtful and made me feel more secure, it got old after a week. I've only just stopped hearing non-stop helicopter sounds. I'm sure my neighbors were really excited about it too.

I haven't had any problems since the first call. No strange activity around my house and no more threats. But we did step up our security and I'm considering buying a shotgun. So that's good.


Chrissy and Jack said...

I wonder if the caller realizes you are 6'5" and can probably kick his ass.

Yasmien said...

oh Claudia. I'm so sorry! This totally blows!! Please be safe and let me know if you want me to talk to my dad about giving you gun shooting lessons!!