Thursday, August 28, 2008

Chicago Ideas

We're going to be in Chicago for a wedding the weekend of Sep. 5-7. Anyone have any good ideas for fun stuff to do while we're there? We've already been to most of the museums, so we probably can skip those. We're thinking of going to Second City. Any other ideas?


Allison and the Angry Inch said...

You could go to a Cubs game. Wrigley Field is all historic and shit. And the Cubs are really good this year.

Shannon said...

Whenever I go to Chicago, I go to Wisconsin.

I think the cubs game sounds fun.

Yasmien said...

1. The Signature Room on the 96th floor of the Hancock. Have a cocktail with a great view day or night.
a. Take Red line to “Chicago” and walk east to Michigan Ave. It’s that really tall building.
2. Magnificent Mile aka Mag Mile for shopping.
a. Take Red line to “Grand” head east then North on “Michigan”. Goes north than turns left on “Oak” street for more… but you won’t need more. 
3. Breakfast at Lou Mitchells (Presidents go there, it’s been around forever)
a. Take Brown line to Quincy head south (direction the train just came from) and turn right onto Jackson.
c. 565 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60661-5701.
4. Buckingham Fountain. It’s beautiful and it’s the opening shot for the show “Married with Children”
a. Take Red or Brown or orange line to Library then head South on State about a ½ block then East on Congress about ¼ mile.
6. The Bean – Fun to walk around and take photos in front of. It’s a huge shiny sculpture!
a. Take Red, brown, or Orange to Adams and head East. Just north of the Art Institute.
7. Chicago Chop House – Steaks. Oh so good.
a. Take red line to Grand, walk west 3 blocks and North 1 block.
b. 60 W Ontario St
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 787-7100
8. Green Mill – Al Capone’s favorite Jazz club
a. Red line north to Lawrence then a ½ block west to Broadway
b. 4802 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60640
9. Wrigleyville and Wrigley Field. There won’t be any games here this weekend, but you can see the stadium. Wrigleyville is the community it’s in and there’s tons of Cubs gear and bars.
a. Take Red line to “Addison” and head west.
b. 1060 W Addison St Chicago, IL 60613
10. Untouchable tour – I haven’t done this, but always thought it would be really fun.
11. River Architecture tour – The one next to the Wrigley building is the most convenient to get to and really fun.
a. Take Red line to “Grand” head east then south on Michigan Ave. Just South of the Wrigley building, almost touching it.
12. Chinatown – Lots of good eats (Chinese bakeries!) and stores
a. Red line to Cermak/Chinatown.
13. The Chicago Theater doesn’t have anything good going on, but you can take a photo of that famous “Chicago” sign, and it’s in the “Theater district” so catch “wicked” or “A raisin in the sun” or something. Wicked was amazing if you haven’t seen it! The Boarders next door does a front row seat raffle thing too.
14. Navy Pier – Don’t go, it’s a tourist trap with nothing to do for adults.
15. Gino’s East (Best Chicago style pizza in the city)
a. 633 N Wells St, Chicago, IL
b. Take the Red line North to Gran Ave, go west 4 blocks and North 2 blocks (across the street from the 2 story “rock and roll” McDonalds…yeah)

Cladeedah said...

Wow, thanks Yasmien! It's as if you've answered this question before. :-) We were thinking the river architecture cruise, and maybe the Robie house if we have time, since we didn't get to see it last time we were there. I think with those two things, plus meals, plus second city, we're good to go.

We're staying in Lincoln Park at the Days Inn on Diversey - not too far from your wedding, right? We just have to make a mad dash to the airport right after. Can't wait!!

Bethany said...

There are all sorts of architectural tours of Chicago, but I think the best are done by the Chicago Architecture Foundation. They have all sorts of themes, so you can get the tour that seems most interesting to you. If you go to this link, it will show you the tours available on your weekend:

I noticed that they have a Frank Lloyd Wright tour as well. They go to 25 houses, but it is a driving tour. There are lots of downtown walking tours that are really cool.

Let me know which tour you choose and I can help you find a good place to eat.

Anonymous said...

How about going to see a Jeramiah Wright serman at the Obama church? I hear it is very uplifting.