Friday, August 08, 2008

Obama for my mama - now that's change I can believe in!

So my mom hates Barack Obama. She pretty much thinks he's a terrorist. She was planning on voting for either McCain or not at all. She, however, LOVES herself some Hillary Clinton. She thinks Hillary is "the number one woman" ever. So when I heard Hillary was going to be in town campaigning for Obama, right across the street from my house, I just had to find a way to get my mom down there.

I really thought she was gonna get pissed when she saw the Obama signs. Here's my mom at an Obama rally... a picture I never thought I'd see. (The roses are for Hillary.)And here's her with her girlfriend Hillary:
With all the crowd's excitement over Obama, and with Dina Titus and Hillary Clinton telling my mom to vote for him, my mom got swept up. She clapped when they talked about Obama being president. I couldn't believe my eyes.

So now my mom is voting for Barack. It's not all wine and roses though. I found out later that she actually thinks he'll be assassinated and Hillary will get the white house that way. Whatever. As long as she votes Democrat.


Allison and the Angry Inch said...

That picture of your mom and Hilary Clinton is not something that my mind can process. It's flashing me an error message right now.

Bradley said...

I'm still in the third party voting group. We'll see if Obama ever shows any substance.

Chrissy and Jack said...

That is so nice that you made it possible for your mama to meet Hillary. You must have made her year!

Bethany said...

I'm so glad that your Mom got to meet and take a picture with la Clinton. What other magical feats can you perform? I suspect your powers are limitless.

Sandra said...

Wow. I guess Hillary's hair stylist left when her campaign ended. Hee hee. I had to get a crack in there somehow. Seriously, it's awesome that your family is interested in the political process, and I'm glad that you were able to kind of convert your mom.