Tuesday, December 02, 2008

No more funny business

We're back from our fabulous trip. All went well, except I got a little cold on day 8, which lasted until day 16, and Brian got crazy non-stop diarrhea as soon as we got to Hong Kong on Day 16. It lasted through the flight home on day 18 and didn't stop until about 2 days after we got home.

Remember our HIV primary care doctor? Well, he was nice enough to squeeze Brian in for an appointment the day before Thanksgiving. It turns out Brian had a parasite. Specifically, giardia. All is well now, but the doctor's visit is worth mentioning.

Brian asked if it was contagious. The doctor said, "No, not unless someone's licking your rectum. That may not be a concern for you, but you'd be surprised how common it is in the gay community." Em. Awesome. So yeah. Our doctor is pretty colorful. The HIV Primary Care rocks.

I think we're going to stick with him as our doctor. This is the second time he's impressed us with his super-smarts, and someone at work told me he's very highly regarded as a medical expert in the legal community. Plus, I get a funny story out of it every time either of us goes in. What's not to love?


Shannon said...

I'm sorry to hear about this temporary set back in you and Brian's "routine."

Chrissy and Jack said...

I love your doctor! He sounds so fun to be sick around.