Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Beautiful Day

I got to do real justice today for very wonderful people, who were actually grateful for my help. It was a welcome change. I really can't be having any more days like this or else I'll be sad that I'm going in a few weeks.

Oh yeah, in case I haven't mentioned it, I put in for a transfer into the civil division at work. They offered me the job, so I get to move once my boss finds my replacement.

It wasn't any one thing that motivated me to go for it; it was more like a little bit of everything. Mostly that I'm at the five-year mark of my career, so I feel like I should be learning more skillz.

I'm sad to retire my prosecutrix title, but I'm happy for the change of pace. I'm actually looking forward to boring paper-pushing for a while. This high-drama criminal stuff can really wear you down.

Another wonderful thing happened today, by the way. Tori Amos' new album American Doll Posse came out today. I got the iTunes version (for the 2 bonus videos & tour pre-sale code) already, and I'm going out for the hard copy tomorrow. Borders has a bonus track exclusive, so I think I'll get it there.

That's all.


Shannon said...

Congrats on the transfer. At least will still be able to do lunch ( at least whenever my workload stops being so fucking insane).

allison said...

congrats, hot stuff. see you in a few weeks!

Cladeedah said...