Monday, February 18, 2008

The White Stuff

I stole this from Megan's blog. I just couldn't resist. It was just too amusing. It's a blog called Stuff White People Like. I'm only half white, which explains why only a couple apply to me. It is uncanny though, the way they called me out on Japan, Sarah Silverman, public radio, sushi, Apple products, Arrested Development, Wes Anderson movies, and Barack Obama.


Allison and the Angry Inch said...

You know what else white people like? Facebook! Join it! ONE OF US! ONE OF US!

Predictable Reno Girl said...

Did you see the one about Asian Fusion Food...I almost choked laughing.

Randi said...

I only got through a couple of them.

its funny as hell.

you should also check out this other blog thats funny as hell

Cladeedah said...

I don't get the Asian fusion one.