Friday, March 28, 2008

Healthy Bit&h

I'm finally in a healthy body fat percentage range!  Halfway through my "weightloss journey" I had a 36% body fat percentage.  That is considered unhealthy.  Now it's down to 30%, which is at the bottom of the healthy range.  Oh well, at least I'm healthy! 
I also saw my heart doctor today.  I was hoping it'd be like the Biggest Loser where I'd get to find out that all my health stats were much better.  

You know:  "How's your asthma?" In a dramatic whisper: "Gone."  Crying commences.  

Unfortunately, it was just a routine visit, so there were no tests done.  The only difference we spotted was my resting heart rate - before the weight loss it was 66.  Now it's 50.  

My doctor was alarmed at first at the dramatic weight loss since my last visit 6 months ago, but then I assured her I wasn't anorexic, and that I was working out a lot and felt better than I ever have, and then she got happy for me.   I told her I wanted to try running a 5K and she suggested I do a marathon.  I was like, "Baby steps.  I'm nowhere near that."   


Shannon said...

That resting heart rate is kick ass!

Allison and the Angry Inch said...

Look at you, the health nut! I can't believe you're going to run a 5K!

Sweet Coalminer said...

You could pretend that you used to have asthma?

Great job on the weight loss and shaping.

Cladeedah said...

I can't take all the credit for the low heart rate. I'm on a beta blocker so mine's lower than normal anyway. Still, it went from 66 before to 50 now. Lance Armstrong's is 30!