Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fake bake

So last Saturday we went to the lake with Brian's boss and coworkers. The day before, I was still pale white, so I had to do something to get my tan on. I went to Neon Sun and used one of the high-pressure beds to get as tan as possible in 24 hours. That wasn't enough, so I got a spray tan too. The backs of my ankles had streaks from that though, so I got some Aveeno lotion with self tanner to even it out. Despite all my efforts, I still wasn't tan out at the lake. After a long day of fun in the sun, I finally got my tan (I applied sunscreen twice). My prized George Hamilton has held up all week. I'm not going to go all tanning bed crazy or anything. I might keep up the Aveeno and the spray tan, but that's about it.


Chrissy and Jack said...

You think you are going to give up the tanning bed, but believe me, it gets you every time! You'll have a stressful day at work or something, and so you'll head over there and relax in one of those warm beds for 15 minutes listening to your favorite songs on your ipod. Mark my words, Claudia, this will not be your last time there! They must lace the beds with heroin or something because they are so addicting! =D

Angela said...

Spray Tans are the way to go! Instant gratification, and it looks real.