Monday, June 09, 2008

Claudia SMASH!!!!

Just got back from seeing a sneak preview of the new Hulk movie starring Ed Norton. Not to get your hopes up or anything, but it was really really really freakin' awesome.

First of all, the casting was spot on. Not sure if it was the casting director or the film director that had a thing for 90's stars, but obviously one of them did. The movie starred 90's video vixen Liv Tyler; Quentin Tarantino favorite Tim Roth (Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Four Rooms); and, of course, Ed Norton (Primal Fear, Fight Club, People vs. Larry Flynt, American History X). Maybe I'm just in the target marketing demographic for 90s casting, but I honestly thought the choices were bold and brilliant.

As far as the director goes, I've never heard of the guy before, but I must say I'm impressed. I guess he's French and he directed The Transporter. And that's about it. Surprising that they gave him such a huge film, but obviously somebody knew he'd do it justice, cuz he did good. He definitely kicked Ang Lee's ass with this one.

And did you know Ed Norton co-wrote the screenplay? So freakin' hot.

I'm calling an Oscar for best sound editing and sound effects right now.

So yeah, it was really good. Good script, good action, good characters, good casting. I won't say anything more. Just go see it.

Final grade: A.


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Oh, and if you want to know why Ed Norton was cast (besides because he wrote the script), watch his eyes in the last scene of the Hulk and compare it to the eyes in the last scene of Primal Fear. That's a 20 million dollar stare right there!