Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random celebrity sighting

I was in court this morning waiting for my case to be called, and in walked Hunter Tylo. I guess she's suing the therapist who treated her 19-year-old son for a seizure disorder with acupuncture and holistic medicine. He had a seizure, fell into the family pool and drowned last year.

This courtroom is one of the most boring places in the world I can think of, so it definitely made things a little more interesting. She was prettier in person than in pictures. Anyway, it was kinda random to see her there.


Bethany said...

When you have a chance, can you help me with installing hyperlinks? Some of us are r-tards. And by some of us, I mean me. argh.

Shannon said...

I was in court too. It was a hoot.

Anyway, she should sue her plastic surgeon. What's with those lips! Eeegads!!