Sunday, February 04, 2007

No Es Bueno

We went to see our financial guys last Tuesday. They wasted two hours of our time trying to sell us insurance. I called them out on the kickbacks they would be getting out of the deal. For one plan, they got every penny of the first year's premiums (which totalled about a $1,000), plus a percentage of the premiums thereafter for the life of the plan. Oh, and they gave our phone numbers to insurance agents, who have been calling us at work all week without our permission.

This wasn't at all what we thought it was going to be. They had promised us a personalized review of our current plans and investments and custom-tailored advice to fit our needs. But last Tuesday's meeting showed they hadn't done a minute's worth of work on our case, and that they were just giving us the same schpiel (sp?) they give everyone else, and that they were in it to make themselves money, not us.

We have another appointment on Tuesday. We are giving them one more shot to get to the good stuff and impress us, but the reality is we'll probably be disappointed and end up firing them.


Chesty McTickles said...

Hey, even insurance agents have to make money.

Cladeedah said...

Yeah, but the problem is these guys weren't holding themselves out to be insurance agents. The purported to be financial planners. And that's the job we already paid them to do.

Sweet Coalminer said...

Did you go to Ameriprise? Where did you go? I hate that. We are getting insurance through our credit union before we go back to the financial planner (we did a consult, but we never got around to filling out the paperwork.)

Randi said...

we started working with a broker that was helping us find good loans to refi or consolodate. then after we have some money they would help us invest. we dont pay them they get their cut from the banks...he was pretty good.