Monday, February 26, 2007

I could not be cool, even if my life depended on it

First, the backstory:

About 9.5 years ago, I dated this guy, "Bad Jason." It was one of the most overwhelming crushes I ever had. The kind that made me daydream so hard, I'd run stop signs without even realizing it. I was totally gaga. It didn't help that he made out with me repeatedly, even though he wasn't really all that into me. He was very hot and cold -- mean to me sometimes, and absolutely flattering at others. Precisely the right formula for keeping me obsessed.

Things didn't really end in a definitive way with us. I went back to college and we lost touch. It took me several years to get closure on the situation. To finally realize that it wasn't at all the intensity of his feelings that was scaring him away. He was simply a typical 20-year-old male. Too cowardly to be direct, and too selfish to give up the action. When he was older, he told me these things, and I respected him for it. And I finally got my closure.

Fast forward to last Friday night:

I'm having Boba Tea in China Town with my husband, nephew and a friend, when, all of a sudden, Bad Jason comes over and says hello. Ho-ly crap.

I thought I did a pretty good job of playing it cool, actually. We chatted. We joked. We met each other's dates/husbands. We even gave them our table, since we were just about ready to leave anyway.

As I'm driving home, I'm really impressed with myself. I even made it almost all the way home without violating any traffic laws. But then, a horrifying realization: I forgot to pay the $45 tab back at the tea shop. Ho-ly crap.

I called the shop and begged them to let me pay over the phone with a credit card. They refused. We had to go back. The whole drive back, I'm trying to figure out how to handle the situation without letting on to Bad Jason and his crew. My entire goal here was to show how gaga I'm NOT anymore.

I walked in and it was immediately clear that they knew. Of course they knew. We chatted them up before giving them our table, you think the people that work there aren't going to hold them responsible for our tab? I was so embarassed. I pretty much paid the tab and ran away. SO not smooth.


brianfelgar said...

It's always fun meeting those ghosts from the past. I of course had no idea who he was at the Boba place. I can only imagine his amusement at my blank stare as we shook hands.

"Hey honey, remember that summer when I squashed your poor little sophomore heart like an overripe plum? Yeah, that was the guy."

It's good to know he's still got it, apparently. ;)

Cladeedah said...

Awe, baby. He doesn't have it. My whole point was that I'm such an all-around nerd all the time anyway, even when I'm playing it cool, I'm hopeless!

Besides, you're the only one who's ever inspired me to run a stop sign and actually hit somebody. :-*

Allison said...

what is this, blog couples therapy?

Shawna said...


greg said...


I never understood the bad Jason thing, but I suppose that's why it's so intriguing. :)

Btw, was he dating an asian girl?

Cladeedah said...

No, surprisingly. Some average-looking dark-haired chick.

Shannon said...

Shit, I really missed all the action!

Cladeedah said...

It's actually all your fault, Shannon. I'm sure I wouldn't have neglected to pay the bill had you been there.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I bring out the responsible in people.

Housekeeper said...

Like I knew they would, you're whoring days will always come back to get you as long as you live in Las Vegas.