Monday, February 19, 2007

Cursed Dentistry

Anyone who has known me a while knows I have horrible luck with dentists. I go all the time and I still have problems. Nothing seems to ever get done right. I'm extra nervous today because I'm going to get a dental implant drilled into my jaw bone. With just local anaesthesia. Can't wait.


Rick said...

Mama mia, that's a tough procedure to have done with local only... I think valium would've been a good idea in advance... I'm a dds--curious as to what you are being charged for the implant and the crown on it....??

Hope it went well!

Cladeedah said...

$2100 for the implant. No word yet on the crown, but I'm sure it'll be somewhere around $700.

It was horrible. Not painful per se, just very traumatic. I wasn't expecting it to be so wet and I thought they were being kind rough.