Monday, February 05, 2007

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

We've ALMOST come to an agreement about this year's vacation destination. It's either going to be this 18-day China Tour (Brian's preference) or this 15-day Bangkok, Singapore, Bali, Hong Kong Tour (my preference). Either way, China is where it's at baby!


allison said...

are you trying to get the bird flu?

nick said...

if you haven't booked anything yet, i highly reccomend the australia trip we did a few years back. you rent a van that is all tricked out with a bed, stove, sink, etc and drive from one end to another (we did sydney to cairns in a month). we hit camp sites all the way up the coast, and just drive hither and thither with no particular agenda, but got to see a lot of the real country where people live, not jsut the tourist attractions the bus/train tours take you on. anywho, australia!

Chesty McTickles said...

I am going to Puerto Rico in July.. you should come too.

Cladeedah said...

Allison - No, we're trying to get away from it, since we heard it's moving it's way West.

Nick - Ooh, yeah, I'm not so sure about Australia, what with all the terrorism and everything.

Chesty - I'm down. Email me w/ details.