Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm a mess

CRAP! I can't find my car keys! I hesitate to say I lost them, because I'm sure they're just hiding out temporarily somewhere in my house. This is such a mess. Now I have to tow the car to the dealer, pay for a new key and for the car to be re-programmed, yada yada yada.

I also came to work without cash today, so I had to ask someone to get my lunch while they were out, and pay for it. Nice.

Now I'm trying to bum a ride home so I don't have to make my sweet, patient husband come all the way across town just to return to the other side to get home. I am such a loser.

It's only Tuesday and this week already sucks. Where's my "I'm a mess" t-shirt when I need it?


Shawna said...

why do you have tow it to the dealer? Can't they issue a new one based upon your vin #? or have a lock smith come to you?

Cladeedah said...

I don't know. Some bullcrap. Apparently only one locksmith in town duplicates key chips and he won't do it on my model (according to some manual somewhere) unless I have an original key with a chip already in it. Even if I had an original key, he charges more than the dealership to come out.

The dealership doesn't have off-site mechanics. And they won't just duplicate my key without re-programming the code. Some security policy bullcrap. I still can't find my key, so I don't think I'll fight them on the re-programming issue, just in case some bad guy really does have it.

UPDATE: There's a secret morse code I can use to start my car ONE TIME without the chip-key in case of emergencies. I did it and got my car to the mechanic without having to wait for a tow! YAY!

Bradley said...

you let yourself get down to just 1 key w/0 making a spare? not good!

Cladeedah said...

Yeah, I know I'm dumb. Thanks.

I got just one key with a chip with the car when I got it from my dad. I have an extra key that lets me in the car, but not one that starts it. It was way down on my to-do list to get that made.

QQflyboy said...

Most cars now-a-days prevent simple duplications of car keys. Both of our cars have chips that can't be duplicated by a locksmith. My car key costs $100 to duplicate (through the dealer only) and Beth's costs $300, through the dealer only. I guess it's all in the name of security.