Sunday, April 08, 2007


Oh, blessed day! Today was Easter (also known as the day I got to eat Cheetos again). I gave up fried food for lent, so now, after 40 days of suffering, I finally got to stuff my face with yummy, crispy, greasy, goodness. I had Flamin' Hot Lime Cheetos for breakfast, followed by fried zucchini and onion rings. My stomach has seen better days, but I don't care, cuz it was divine. Stupid Costco was closed today or else I would have had a churro first thing. Oh well. Tomorrow will be my french fries and churro day. YUM!

Here's the awesome Easter basket Brian made for me:

Brian also observed lent this year, even though he's not really Catholic. I think he does it for the anticipation/satisfaction. Anyway, he gave up action figures, so he's been tearing open toys all day. Too bad Toys 'R Us was closed, or else he would have gone out and gotten more. Here he is with crazy eyes loving on the basket I made for him:


Shannon said...

That's one scary picture of Brian.

Congratulations on finishing lent, did you fall off the fried food wagon any?

Cladeedah said...

No, not really. I had a few accidents though. One time at a sushi place where they didn't tell us a roll had shrimp tempura in it; another time when I wasn't thinking and ate a chip before realizing it was fried; and then the other night at karaoke I had a squid chip before realizing it was fried. None of the slip-ups resulted from an intentional giving-in, so I don't think they should count.

The hardest part was watching people eat chips and salsa, churros, and shrimp tempura. That was rough,

Shannon said...

I ate some Cheetos in your honor yesterday. I never eat Cheetos. It was all because of this blog...