Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Domin-Ho's: The Conclusion

I got a message from "Jack" on my answering machine today, "a supervisor in Las Vegas."

Apparently, he got my email about the CRP and Parmesan.

He let me know that: "it's been well over a year since [they've] carried them. They are looking at bringing them back, but, uh, as of now, no stores in Vegas do carry them. Uh, [he] will pass this on though. And, uh, hopefully we can get them back soon. Thank you."

That's word for word. It's hard to convey the contemptuous tone of his voice through text though. Thanks a lot for giving me absolutely no useful information. F*&@ing useless drone.

Viva la resistance!!


sugafree9 said...

On a whim, I went ahead and forwarded your form letter to the place you suggested. (Mind you I hate Dominos and haven't been there in ages). This is what I got back from them:

"Mr. Nady,

I would first like to thank you for considering Domino's for your pizza needs. I also would like to apologize for the miscommunication you received from one of our team members at the California Ave. store. I assure you that at no time did we discontinue carrying parmesan cheese or crushed red peppers. They are very important condiments in our industry. However, it is possible that they ran out before the delivery truck arrived and one of our new employees misunderstood what might have been communicated. I will do a follow up with the store in order to prevent this from happening again.

Thanks for your concern,


I feel like a jerk.

Cladeedah said...

Oh, that sucks. You should write back and commend them for their efforts. People in Vegas have confirmed that some stores there are far less reputable.