Sunday, November 04, 2007

Brush with Britney (Bitch)

Today, while we were in L.A. having lunch with a friend, we got mobbed by paparazzi chasing down Britney Spears. How random is that? Here's how it went down...

We met our friend at this cute little place in Sherman Oaks, on the corner of Ventura and Van Nuys. There was this chandelier store next door. When we first saw it, Brian actually asked how a store like that could stay in business. "Is there really that much of a demand for chandeliers?," he asked. "Maybe in L.A.," I said.

So we have lunch and then walk around a bit. Afterwards, we went back to the intersection where the chandelier store was to cross the street to our car. All of a sudden, a bunch of guys with cameras come running toward us and jump into cars and motorcycles and SUV's that are illegally parked on the sidewalk and all over the place. We asked them who they were chasing, and they yelled out, "Britney!"

I thought they were messing with me, until we saw Britney's white Mercedes convertible zoom out of the driveway next to the chandelier shop. She had the top up and dark window tint on all her windows, so we couldn't see who was in the car, but I definitely recognized the car from my gossip magazines. She immediately pulled out and ran a red light. As did all of the cars chasing her. It was crazy. Like a tornado had just passed us.

Anyway, here's the store and intersection where we were almost run down by Britney and her paparazzi.

And here's the story of Britney chandelier-shopping already on And another on I' I guess Jayden and Sean Preston were in the car with her. I'm bummed we didn't actually get to see them, but it was still pretty neat to nearly run into Britney during our trip to L.A.

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