Monday, November 26, 2007

Long Tall Weekend

Man, this weekend was nice. Thursday I was a fatty and ate everything in sight. Who knew I could reach 63 points in one day (my daily max is usually 26)? Oh well. I've been pretty good every day since. And I've figured out how to keep tamales, pizza, french fries, and steak in my diet, so bonus there. If I lose weight this week, I will feel pretty good. My weigh-ins are Wednesdays, so I'll keep you posted.

The rest of the weekend was super chill. I saw a couple of faces from the past - my best friend Allison and her wife Kelly, and my college roommate Molly. That was cool. All the ladies were looking pretty fly.

I meant to go get my hair done Saturday, but got a flat tire on the way there, so I didn't get to do that. Damn construction on the 215. But I did get to feel all independent calling AAA and then putting on my neon green safety vest from my CERT backpack that I keep in my trunk. I didn't have to put it on, I suppose. I was just stoked I got to use something out of my safety pack, ok? Zoot, don't rain on my parade!

Sunday we went and saw a movie highly recommended by the illustrious movie reviewer Catlad - No Country for Old Men. The movie was really really really well-written and well-acted and well-made. It was clearly made by exceptional moviemakers. The only thing was that the story was just kinda weird. They don't tell you everything. Which makes it more intriguing, but also more frustrating. Anyway, overall good movie. Just don't expect the usual formula.

This weekend I'm going to see my college bitchez in Reno. Should be fun.


Shannon said...

Did you put on your rainbow headlamp too?

jesse said...

They have rainbow jesus at Urban Outfitters. Wiat that is my white elephant idea!!!!

Cladeedah said...

I did think about putting on the hard-hat, but that would've been too dorky, so I decided against it. I was tempted though.

No rainbow headlamp. I forgot about that possibility. It wasn't dark though, so that wouldn't have made any sense!

J- What's a rainbow Jesus?

jesse said...

It's a jesus statue that lights up, and changes colors. Awesome for any Jesus fan or new comer, or just anyone likes a good laugh.

Brian said...

Hey, I didn't know Jesus could change colors! Maybe this Christianity thing _is_ worth another look.

Cladeedah said...

"Look, Jesus comes in colors!" Thanks a lot guys. Now I'm going to hell.