Friday, March 28, 2008

Healthy Bit&h

I'm finally in a healthy body fat percentage range!  Halfway through my "weightloss journey" I had a 36% body fat percentage.  That is considered unhealthy.  Now it's down to 30%, which is at the bottom of the healthy range.  Oh well, at least I'm healthy! 
I also saw my heart doctor today.  I was hoping it'd be like the Biggest Loser where I'd get to find out that all my health stats were much better.  

You know:  "How's your asthma?" In a dramatic whisper: "Gone."  Crying commences.  

Unfortunately, it was just a routine visit, so there were no tests done.  The only difference we spotted was my resting heart rate - before the weight loss it was 66.  Now it's 50.  

My doctor was alarmed at first at the dramatic weight loss since my last visit 6 months ago, but then I assured her I wasn't anorexic, and that I was working out a lot and felt better than I ever have, and then she got happy for me.   I told her I wanted to try running a 5K and she suggested I do a marathon.  I was like, "Baby steps.  I'm nowhere near that."   

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Amazing Catlad

Guess who got into art high school?  

Skinny Bit&h

I lost 1.8 pounds today. And I reached my goal weight. I've lost 23.2 pounds overall. (My goal was 22.) If I can stay near my current weight (I can't go more than two pounds over) for 5 weeks, I will be a lifetime member and no longer have to pay for meetings. That's the new goal. I'll start training for the 5k after that.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Confessions of a 30-year-old drama queen

I went to confession today for the first time in, like, 20 years. I was raised Catholic, but my mom didn't really make a big deal out of confession, so we never really went. In fact, I always thought that as long as you prayed for forgiveness for your sins, you were good to go. Turns out, I was sooo wrong, and that even taking communion without confessing was a MORTAL SIN. Oh crap!

I was talking to a recently converted coworker about it this morning. She showed me this little book she uses that explains the confession process. It turns out I am so bad in so many ways I didn't even realize. So I made myself a dirty laundry list and headed down to confession at lunch.

I was super -scared, but I told the priest how long it had been, and he was really nice. Told me it was okay, just happy I was there, yada yada yada. So I got out my list and confessed. All 20 years of it. It was a surprisingly powerful experience. Afterward, he said all my past sins had been forgiven and that I could now focus entirely on the future. It felt really amazing. And (since I'm all about confessing today) I have to admit, my coworker told me to go to that priest because he tended to be light on the penance. Turns out she was right. Only 7 Our Fathers and 7 Hail Marys for all of my youthful indiscretions! Sweet! I guess I'm not so bad.

So now the pressure's really on. I got a clean slate. The question is, what am I going to do with it?

I got nothin'...

What's it been, like two weeks since my last post? Sorry, I just got nothing. I've been seriously selfish for the last couple weeks, focusing mainly on exercise in my free time. It's quite nice, actually.

This week I fell off the wagon a bit on my dieting, but I've been exercising pretty consistently. I've taken to trying out new classes at the gym, biking to the gym, and committing to at least 30 minutes each day of solid physical activity. (There's a side story here about me being really bummed out after I showed up to water aerobics and there were only like 5 little old ladies there.)

I still think I gained two pounds this week, but I don't really care. I'm feeling good and I know that overall I'm persistent with my diet, so I know eventually the weight will come back off. It does kinda kill me though that we didn't have a weigh-in last week for spring break, and that I think I reached my overall goal then, but now I'm back up to what I was the week before. Oh well...

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fat Camp Chronicles

I lost 1.8 lbs today. That brings my total overall weight loss to 21.4 lbs. One pound to go and then I can go on maintenance, which means slightly more food each day. I'm wearing an old suit I couldn't fit into before. It's one of the only suits I have that fits me. All my other ones are way too big now.

Friday, March 07, 2008

20 pounds, you are a cruel and elusive mistress

I lost .4 lbs this week. It's not as much as I'd hoped, but I can't complain. I still lost. I was okay this week except for this one teensy-weensy delicious mediterranean salad I had at the California Pizza Kitchen. I forgot to ask for the dressing on the side, and I'm sure it was more points than a cheeseburger. Oh yeah, and then there was that little dessert rampage I went on last Friday. I had a "little taste" of 4 different desserts, which turned out to be like 12 bites. I might as well have gotten my own. :-) Oh well... Total weight loss so far: 19.6 lbs.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Someday, we'll look back and laugh

So I went and saw my girlfriend Sarah Silverman for the second time about a week ago. Brian was supposed to go with me, but he wanted to geek-out with his guy friends, so Vanessa went with me instead. In exchange, Brian was our designated driver, agreeing to drop us off and pick us up.

So the night's going great. We have dinner at the Pink Taco, get our drink on, go see Sarah Silverman, take some pictures of Sarah with my iPhone, hang out with some nice, funny girls from the audience -- everything's cool. Until I try to show one of the girls something on my iPhone and realize... it's gone.

I FREAK OUT. We ransack my purse, my pockets - it's nowhere to be found. We check with security, they check the theater - no luck. Lost and found also has nothing. Another Sarah Silverman show is about to start, so they tell us to check back after that. So we go to the dance club for a little while, then decide to head home.  On the way out, one security guard tells me she thinks they found my phone. I was like, SWEET! But then I check lost and found, and they still have nothing. I sit around (now with Brian) for another hour and a half, waiting for the show to be over and sweating security about having my phone and not giving it to me. In the end, they found nothing. 

Defeated, we decided to leave. We called the phone one last time before we left. Just then, my purse started vibrating. Turns out, it was in there all along. 

Brian was not pleased.

I tried to explain that we had all searched the purse - all four of us drunk chicks, and not one of us saw it. It must have been divine intervention. I really think the phone somehow teleported back into my purse, cuz I'm telling you, it was not there three hours before. Brian wasn't impressed. I tried to explain that it was a good thing we found the phone in my purse, not a bad thing, but that also didn't work. Brian was pissed, and I was going to get the beat-down, whether I liked it or not...