Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Closing Time

All the paperwork's been signed. We get our house on July 31st!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Comic-Con Weekend Celebrity Sightings

This was our 5th Comic-Con experience, and I think it was our best. The crowds were still CRAZY, but this year we were ready for them, so it wasn't as bad.

Celebrity-wise, it was a super successful deal. I got tickets to meet Tori Amos first thing Thursday morning. Funny thing is, I didn't bother using them. They were for Saturday, and we had already planned to go to Legoland. Plus, I already met her 1.5 times before, and I already have tons of autographed stuff by her, including an autographed copy of her new comic book, so I decided to give Tori a miss. Can you believe it?

Here are the stars we did see:
Robert Rodriguez and Rose McGowan were there promoting the new Red Sonja. R.R. kept looking over at me while I was in line. I think he wanted to leave Rose for me like he did his first wife for Rose. We didn't have much time to chat though. The line was insane and they rushed me past. Just had time to grab a signed poster, snap a pic, and go. I swear they posed for me a lot better than this, my camera is just stupid and never takes the picture at the right time.

We stopped by to see a panel for Guy Ritchie's new movie, Rocknrolla. The panel featured Jeremy Piven, Gerard Butler, Joel Silver, Ludacris, and Guy Ritchie. Gerard Butler was super cute and funny.

During the Saturday TV Funhouse panel, we ran into these guys, Paul Scheer and Rob Huebel from Best Week Ever and Human Giant. They were really nice and let us take lots of pics.

This was probably the most unexpected celebrity sighting of all. Paris Hilton was there promoting this campy goth rock opera called Repo: The Genetic Opera. Yeah, she sings, and she's all gothed out, so it's really random. Even more random is that the little girl from Spy Kids is in it too.

And, like I said before, I won a lottery and got to meet the whole cast of Dr. Horrible, including the writers and director Joss Whedon:

And I got my Captain Hammer T-shirt signed by the whole cast. Woo-hoo!

The fun didn't stop at Comic-Con. We spotted Jennifer Connelly, Paul Bettany, and their kids at Legoland on Saturday.

We also spotted a 5-months-pregnant Allison Sweeney, host of the Biggest Loser. She was having a huge fight with her husband, so we didn't bother them.

All in all, a very fun, celebrity-packed weekend!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Comic Con update

I got to meet the cast of Dr. Horrible!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Random celebrity sighting

I was in court this morning waiting for my case to be called, and in walked Hunter Tylo. I guess she's suing the therapist who treated her 19-year-old son for a seizure disorder with acupuncture and holistic medicine. He had a seizure, fell into the family pool and drowned last year.

This courtroom is one of the most boring places in the world I can think of, so it definitely made things a little more interesting. She was prettier in person than in pictures. Anyway, it was kinda random to see her there.

Monday, July 21, 2008

We do the weird stuff...

They're out of stock on Captain Hammer Groupie T-shirts online. Maybe they'll have some at Comic Con this week though.

That totally blows

Guess who's going to be meeting fans at Comic Con this Saturday? My favorite singer, Tori Amos.

Guess who's only going to be at Comic Con on Thursday and Friday this year? That would be me. :-(

Friday, July 18, 2008

That Neil Patrick Harris Internet Musical

Ok, so there's this thing. It's like a Youtube video, but it's got real actors in it, and it's a musical. And it's directed by Joss Whedon and it stars Neil Patrick Harris. It takes a few minutes to get going, but once it does, it's pretty funny. Especially Episode 2. Go check it out. I guess the next episode comes out Saturday, so that'll be cool.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I WISH I had that kind of willpower...

My co-worker just told me I looked anorexic. Of course, this is the same guy that told my other co-worker she looked fat. I think it's equally rude to say either.

Anyway, I don't think I look anorexic. I think I have a medical condition that prevents me from storing fat on my arms and legs, but not in my ass and stomach. So now that I've lost my ass and stomach fat, people think I'm anorexic, but I'm not. Just fit for my body type, which will always be tall and lanky.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

That's weird...

My office smells like bologna. Not sure why. I don't eat bologna.


Monday, July 14, 2008

You think he really was f*&king Ben Affleck?

I'm so confused... On the other hand, I guess that means Sarah's free for some married, tall-chick experimentation on a tennis court, if you know what I mean.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Intervention Intervention

I've cut back on TV a whole lot. In fact, I pretty much only watch one show exclusively. All the time. I think I'm addicted. It's called Intervention.

Each episode is pretty much the same. Basically, it shows addicts at their lowest lows. All kinds of addicts: bulimics, anorexics, alcoholics, crackheads, heroin addicts, meth addicts, gambling addicts, sex addicts, plastic surgery addicts, shopping addicts, pill poppers, etc.

It's usually some crazy ass sh*t I never imagined, like bulimics storing 30 pounds of vomit in ziplock bags in their closet, or anorexics "chewing and spitting" and surviving on 100 calories a day. Or, like, straight guys prostituting themselves for drug money or cleaning their syringes out in fast food toilets. Just crazy, unfathomable, rock-bottom type stuff.

So then it tells their childhood story. Usually some horrible thing happened to them that explains why they're so hellbent on numbing the pain.

Then the family stages an elaborate trap in order to surprise the addict (pretty much they tell them they're going to the Howard Johnson by the airport to tape their final interview - works every time, believe it or not). Then they all read letters telling him/her how messed up he/she is and threatening to disown him/her if he/she doesn't go to treatment. The addict usually wines and cries and yells. Then my favorite interventionist, Jeff VanVonderon does a Jedi mind trick, which convinces the addict to go to treatment (I've never seen that badass lose even one). Then the addict is immediately whisked away to a treatment center across the country.

Then comes the best part: the update. Brian acts like he doesn't like the show, but I know he enjoys guessing whether they'll even go to treatment and whether they'll relapse or stay sober. I'm no good at predicting the outcome. Even after having watched 75-100 episodes, I still can't tell who's going to succeed. But it's fun guessing nonetheless. Some of the transformations are amazing. It's pretty much the best makeover show ever. You should totally watch it.

I watch at least one episode a night on the Tivo. And I go online to read the most recent updates. I'm warning you though. If you ever ask me to meet you at the HoJo by the airport, I ain't goin'... unless Jeff VanVonderon is my interventionist. Then I'm totally there.

Sunday, July 06, 2008


I heard this story on NPR yesterday about how high gas prices are forcing people to trade in their SUV's at dirt cheap prices. One guy bought his SUV not too long ago for $30,000. The used car dealership is offering him $11,000 for it. Then there's the guy who bought a Cadillac Escalade last year for $70,000. The dealership is offering him $31,000 for it now.

My first instinct was to laugh. Stupid people paying the consequences for stupid choices -- what better form of justice is there? Who buys a $70,000 car that gets 13 miles to the gallon anyway?

But then Brian made me feel guilty by saying it wasn't right to act superior. There was also another news story on immediately after saying we humans aren't designed to make good financial decisions anyway. I don't know. Sounds like a whole lot of rationalization to me.

Why can't I gloat about my old, paid off, economical Honda? They've been gloating about their ridiculously huge, over-priced, gas-guzzling, 2-parking-space-hogging, blind-spot-ridden, top-heavy SUV's for years. Not that I'm bitter. Whatever. I'm okay paying an extra $20 a month on gas so that I don't have to deal with as many of these monster trucks on the road.

One good point of the article was that these people might be taking a $40,000 hit, when, if they sat down and calculated it, the gas hit might only be like $1,000 a year. There they go again, making dumb-dumb decisions.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Sigh of Relief

Ok, the contract for the house is finally signed. The purchase is a go. Escrow is set to close at the end of July. YAY!

Tell your dad to stop calling me!

This made me ROFL! My friend Erica forwarded me this hilarious audio clip called Dmitri the Stud. I couldn't figure out how to put a windows media file on this blog, so I just searched YouTube and, voila! There it was, complete with a creative little slide show. I can't stop laughing when I hear this. Allegedly some chick gave this guy her number and these are the messages he left her.

Cute stuff kids say

My baby nephew Andrew came over last night. He's so cute, I could just eat him up like a cupcake. Anyway, he's 3-years-old, and he's constantly saying the cutest, most clever stuff. Last night, he saw pictures of Moka and Enid on our shelf and said - "That's a picture of Moka. That's a picture of the white one too." I asked him, "What's the white one's name?" And he said, "The bad one." I did not correct him.