Monday, January 29, 2007

Moka's Arch Nemesis

So there's this OTHER black kitty that hangs around outside. He looks just like Moka, only he's an outside kitty and Moka's an inside kitty. The cat likes to come up to the sliding glass door and say hello to Moka. Brian has always shooed the cat away, saying that he's only there to taunt Moka. I've always given the cat the benefit of the doubt and assumed he just wanted to make friends. WELL, it seems Brian was right about the little bastard...

Yesterday, we were cleaning out the garage. We had the backdoor of Brian's SUV open to load stuff to take to Goodwill. Moka's arch nemesis came around after a while to see what we were doing. That was fine. Until the cat jumped into Brian's car. Brian went over and got the cat out of his trunk. He put it down and told it to shoo. Then the little turd went over to Brian's tire, sprayed it with urine, and ran off. Anyone who says cats are not vindinctive creatures is in denial. Piece of crap. That cat is getting a spray of water to the face next time I see it. And probably a phone call to the HOA.

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